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Shenzhen Modex technology Co., Ltd,founded in 2005is a high-tech company specilizing in laptops and other digital mobile devices.
Located in Shangxue Technology Industrial Park, Bantian, Longgang district, Shenzhen, Modex has attracted a huge outstanding people of all level from the digital industry.

The company introduces the advanced international management concept and adheres to ISO international quality management system; meanwhile it develops a Modex ERP system for the standardized management company on its own.

For the powerful financial strength, strong core technology level and international first class workshop, Modex develops and sells the industry-leading laptops, tablet pc  with an unstoppable momentum selling around the world. Based on a strong national mission and a positive sense of innovation, the company complies to “Survival on Quality” , “Development by Innovation”, “Benefit from Management”, “good Reputation by Services”, therefore rooting our high-quality products throughout China and the rest of the world.

As we grow, Modex continues to positively develop high-end and new products, to provide better service for customers and gradually to form an innovative company of MODEX core brand. We aim to become the leading high-tech creative enterprise in digital industry of China even all over the world in the coming future.

Our vision -- supply the best quality digital products
Our goal-- making the top-class digital products to suit the marketing demand
Our spirit -- Honesty and innovative are our key to achieve win-win
Acting principle -- Be rational,practical, inclusive and going beyond
Administrative Idea --people-oriented, one heart and mind, harmonious development
Enterprise slogan -- Excellent out of perfection
Enterprise Mission -- Providing top quality products and service to our customers

Creating nice working environment for our employees to pursue further skill  Taking social responsibility



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Add: 4th floor,1st Yulong Building,Longcheng Industrial area,number 440 Longguan Load,Longhua district

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